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Vybz Kartel reality show "Teacha's Pet"
Rumours keep blooming about Vybz Kartel
Twinz of Twinz at Again !
Spice and Missy Elliot links up
Is Vybz Kartel really infected with HIV ??


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Welcome to Da Hot Spot ! Where Interesting topics are highlighted

Vybz Kartel reality show "Teacha's Pet"

                                            Vybz Kartel reality show "Teacha's Pet"

indastreetz.com The latest dancehall music By Dr.swags and Nikiswags Dancehall superstar, Adidja “Vybz Kartel” Palmer has stated that he’s begun filming his brand new reality show, “Teacher’s Pet” which will begin airing this fall.  

This will be a reality T.V dating show which will be centered around the love life and career of Vybz Kartel.He will be looking for true love and genuine companionship with a very lucky female.  

          So why the name Teacha's Pet?

The show will consist of 20 female 10 from Jamaica and 10 from all over the world,Vybz Kartel explained his reason for the name of Teacha's Pet was because of his moniker "Di Teacha" and he is looking for the perfect pet so he named it the Teacha's Pet.

Like him or not this reality show will have even some of his biggest haters glued to their T.V.

Indastreetz learnt that the reality show Teacha's Pet casting duration will be four weeks as that was one of the requirement for any interested applicant, to be able to live in kingston for four weeks.

Interested applicants must submit their name, age, phone number, picture optional video clips of themselve to  teachaspet@gmail.com.

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Teacha's Pet : Vybz Kartel Reality TV Show - Looking For Girls - July 2011

All submissions must be submitted on or before August 5th, 2011. Interviews and selections will all be made prior to August 8th 2011


Rumours keep blooming about Vybz Kartel

           Rumours keep blooming about Vybz Kartel
Since last two weeks Vybz kartel aka " World Boss" as been the main name mentioned on most entertainment websites and other media shows. The Rumours seems to be spilling over in each other. In Da Streetz heard that the female is [known as Simone also known as Ms. Kitty] from St. Catherine, Jamaica; said to be a frequent sex partner of Kartel.Ms Kitty has been diagnosed with the deadly virus HIV and has been living with it for almost a year and a half. Other rumors have it that Simone claims to have passed the virus onto Kartel, but thats not all, what really made this rumour more controversial was the mentioning of our very own Rodney Price [also known as Bounty Killer] after he was alleged to be apart of this act.. Simone claimed she was paid by Vybz Kartel longtime nemesis Bounty Killer to pass the disease onto Kartel.Other rumour surfaced when Simone claimed to have made a statement that herself and Vybz Kartel never saw the need of a condom during sex.

Twinz of Twinz at Again !

                                Twinz of Twinz at it Again !
In Da Streetz recently learnt that Twin of Twins are set to release their long-awaited movie Ching Pow Kickers hopefully in November, as legal matters are currently being sorted out.
This movie is said to be none like the other traditional movies we have seen as the twins are gonna be starring through voice participation and not like others where we see a lot of actors on screen.
The Highly anticpated Ching Pow is an action-packed movie which sees the twins putting their writing skills to action to create laughter and comedic communication among the characters that appear to be Japanese.
Some of the character voices will include Roundhead, Mutabaruka, Julian and Bob Marley among others, this is aimed to keep their fans which have been so accustomed to hearing their seemingly informative and hilarious mix tapes and CD releases.
In da streetz learnt that the movie might just be a visual version of the Twins last mixtape which was Stir it Up Vol 9.
We at In da Streetz wishes the best for the tiwns and hope they continue to release these mixtapes and receive the utmost support and respect they deserve for their amazing talent and creative writing skills.

Spice and Missy Elliot links up

                    Spice and Missy Elliot links up 

Grace Hamilton popularly known as our own Spice has gone on the international scene again. Recently it seems as if the female deejay has been busy linking up with flamboyant hip hop artiste Missy Elliot. In da streetz learnt that both artiste have recorded a blazing track titled “Fun” this was said to have recorded few weeks ago. 

 In da streetz also learnt that Spice had gave a surprise performance at Missy’s birthday party earlier this week in Miami. 

We at in da streetz would like to wish Spice the best in her career and hopes she is recognized more on the international scene for her hot singles

Is Vybz Kartel really infected with HIV ??

                                    Is Vybz Kartel really infected with HIV ??

In Da Streetz received large reports last week mostly which were rumours that our very own Vybz Kartel aka “World Boss” could be living with the deadly virus HIV. This rumour was said to have started when one of Vybz kartel’s many ladies whom found out she had HIV and claimed she and the artists had unprotected sex on many occasions. 

In a recent interview, Kartel said, "There's no truth whatsoever to that statement. That's just frivolity on behalf of some unscrupulous clowns. What I'm interested to know is why they would wanna start a rumour about HIV when they know that I've copulated with their moms, sisters, aunts, girlfriends and all the other females in their pathetic little insignificant life. 

Ok so Corey Todd had told us about his former business partner ego but some people are saying vybz kartel response to the rumour is too disrespectful. In regards to the rumor being true or not that was explained but some thought him going on to talk about other persons mother and sister was a little bit too much. 

Do you believe that the rumour might be true? Please comment and let us know.

From Swaggin to Planking !?

                                          From Swaggin to Planking !?
Weeks after being informed by our own Cliff-Twong that the bus can swim we are approached with a new outrageous epidemic. Since recently mainly celebs  have been posting pictures on facebook with themselves lying flat on their stomach at weird places, the million dollar question why would anyone want to do this? Believe it ornot this has spread as far as Thailand.
This is planking, an activity where people lie down in weird places while being photographed and then post the photos to the Internet, namely Facebook.To be a good planker one must lie still with his/her arms by his/her sides and legs outstretched during all this the body should remain motionless. Sound easy right ? Well that’s not all about planking the weirder the places the better the plank. Holding the record  is a well known producer Diplo who was caught planking while riding an elephant
This is the new thing for hipsters and schoolchildren to do on a Friday night , and yes, it looks silly, but at times amusing. So why do celebs plank? Easy to share the scenery with their die hearted fans. The plankers lie on the ground, their friends take a photo and then they stand up again. On-lookers or passersby might stand astonished for some minutes, but that’s still not the main purpose for planking, it’s the pleasurable emotional reaction of happiness that overwhelms these plankers after of seeing their plank on the Internet later that night.

In Da Streetz wishes not to go against the idea of planking, In fact we are indeed fascinated over the idea of these celebs joining the action enjoying themselves and not beefing with each other. We do hope that plankers plank responsibly.
Here are some other Plankers
           Chris Brown Planking                                 Le Toya Luckett planking
         Usher  Sons Planking                                    Nick Cannon Planking

Vybz Kartel plans to release new rum

                                      Vybz Kartel plans to release new rum

Since recently rumours have been spreading that Vybz Kartel the “World Boss” is planning to announce his own brand of rum due this summer. We’ve also learnt that The “World Boss” has forgotten about Todd and is now planning to start with is new partner Dennis Gordon to promote the new rum. Dennis Gordon was said to be the master mind behind Vybz Cake Soap. 

Vybz Kartel and Todd’s previous relationship was said to have generated over 10 million dollar each month 

 The sour break up between business partners lead to Vybz Kartel loosing the rum he marketed so much “Street Vybz Rum” along with some  patrons as he was lock out the club “The Building Night Club’ in Kingston he once claimed he owned. 

 We at indastreetz wishes the best for Vybz Kartel and hope he gets the same continued support he received with the old retired Street Vybz Rum.

Corey Todd now partners with Beenie Man to endorse brand name Yaad Swag Rum

Yes its true Corey Todd former business partner for street Vybz Rum which was endorsed by Vybz Kartel have now taken a different avenue down the business community, now partnering with Moses Davis better known as Beenie Man to promote the newly named rum Yaad Swag. Well as for us at the fans and In Da Streetz we always hope for the best for all the icons in the music industry and we truly wants the best for them all. Best of luck to you both and we hope this journey is successful.

Movado have a US career...yes the Gully God gets back his US visa.

Movado have a US career...yes the Gully God gets back his US visa. 

 After almost a year and a half David Constantine also known as Movado, "Starboy" or "Gully Gad" has now finally got back his US visa. Not too long ago Movado and his friends was said to be apart of a attack on police officers which result in one of Movado's friend being shot who died some days later at the popular night club "Quad" where his mentor Bounty Killer was having his Birthnite Bash. This picture was captured minutes after the jamaican singer landed in the JFK airport in New York on July 2, 2011.
In Da Streetz and its fans would like to congratulate Movado and his team and wishes him all the best in his US career.

Vybz Kartel "world boss" or Not ?

                                         Is Vybz Kartel really the "World Boss" ?
 Adijah Palmer also known as Vybz Kartel is at it again. During some of his most recent hits the "Gaza Don" proclaimed himself to be the "World Boss." His new title arose from darkness when Vybz kartel was attacked after he claimong himslef to be the dancehall hero. So while addressing dancehall icon Shabba he came up with his new title which no one had and that was the World Boss.
Despite huge break-up with former Gaza members and business partner the "World Boss" manages to release his new album "Kingston Story" which he claims is doing great on iTunes. Click HERE to download album.
Is Vybz Kartel really the "World Boss"
                                                     Comment why he is or why he is not?